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Artisans’ Treasure

Studio of Exquisite Designs, Jewelry and Healing through the Creative Arts, Symposia

A creative space that provides beautiful custom  jewelry designs, a place for learning, 

                       a gathering place for personal creative expression and healing through the arts.


Copper Caged Gemstones

Jewelry by Alsie Clay 



Energetic Art Work

"Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis"

Interpretive Art by Alsie Clay



Wearable Art Clothing Designs, by Alsie Clay, available at

Wearable Art

Jewelry by Alsie 

Call 216-526-9383 for more information



Exquisite Designs 

by Alsie

Sand Mandalas, Interpretive Art, and Watercolors

Dancers Sand Mandala


Meditation Kitty Cat,

Interpretive Art by Alsie Clay

Council of Inter-dimensional Star Beings

Interpretive Art by Alsie Clay

Little Blue Eyes, Intergalactic Space Traveler

Interpretive Art by Alsie Clay


Interpretive Art by Alsie Clay


   At Artisans' Treasure, people of all ability levels, including special needs, can create a Sacred Sand Mandala experience, through the use of colored art sand. Clients can also choose to create beaded jewelry, or Interpretive Watercolor Paintings, in a warm and fun atmosphere. 

Join us for Open Studio

on Saturdays.


Learn to make beautiful

jewelry for any occasion!


Call for details




Custom made jewelry is a great gift for anyone,

including yourself!


Crystal Spiral Bracelet

Pyrite Wire Wrapped 

Unisex Pendant

Call to schedule an Artisans' Treasure Jewelry Party.

It's a great way to get wonderful gifts for your family and friends, or to match jewelry for your favorite outfits.

We also offer individualized sessions to make or

redesign jewelry with you. Call to make your appointment.

Jewelry designing is a form of art that involves the development of many skills. Concepts of form, function, color, shape, balance, construction, materials and style, are just some of what goes into the creation of one piece of jewelry. There may be challenges, but it is also fun. Together we can explore many possibilities for styling a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry!

Please visit our page about consulting for special occasion jewelry and bead-work design, (for more information).

        Blue Quartz Necklace                    

  Red Crystal Bracelet                           

                               Handmade Glass Bracelet

Visit our gallery for new ideas! 

Individualized jewelry classes

Participants can learn to create unique beaded jewelry. Additional techniques will be taught in each session. Learn to make a bracelet, with earrings to match, enhance and redo a piece of jewelry that you already own, or make a repair using beautiful designer beads made of gemstone, hand made glass, and more!

Call for an appointment.


Join us for creative fun time on Saturdays,

from 10:00am until 12:00pm.



Ages 12 and up.

Call for information.


Ongoing Classes and Workshops

   Please click on each workshop for more information.

Jewelry Workshop

Class 101

This is a class for those who want to pursue making  professional quality jewelry.

Sewing 101

A  class for beginners or those who wish to brush-up on sewing.  Lean using your own machine and by hand.  Adults and children sever years old and older.

A Time for Healers

Saturday Night Out for Healers
A special time for healers to revive and restore their creative and healing energy.
(click here).

Healing Through the Creative Arts
Creative Arts classes for adult women.
Create spiritually meaningful items (click here) .




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